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CRX vs. Red Ranger vs. Stewing Hen

The differences between our various chicken products

CRX Roasters, short for Cornish Rock Cross, are a breed of chicken that have been selectively bred to quickly reach a standard market weight for a roasting chicken (from 3 to 5 lbs.). They reach this weight in 8 weeks, from hatch to slaughter. CRX chickens account for 99% of the meat birds raised in America. Our palate is used to this bird however when raised on pasture they do have a significantly cleaner taste compared to barn-raised birds. These birds are not organic because of the feed, but they graze on organic pasture.

Red Ranger roasters do a bit better on pasture because they get more of their diet from forage, about 20% as opposed to 8% for the CRX. They are a more lively breed, so the ratio of their dark meat to light meat is higher and has a slightly more toothsome feel as well as a more pronounced “chicken-y” flavor (akin to the difference between grass-finished and grain-finished beef, for instance). Rangers reach market weight a bit more slowly than CRX, finishing in 10-12 weeks. The price at checkout reflects the higher cost of raising them. These birds are not organic because of the feed, but they graze on organic pasture.

Stewing Hens are our certified organic laying hens harvested after 2 years of laying eggs. Egg production slows down after two years and it becomes less cost effective to feed those hens after that point. In other words, we would need to raise the price of their eggs. The meat is very dark and solid and may not make a good roast however is well suited for making soups or shredding for recipes like enchiladas.


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