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How to Subscribe to our CSA

 Read below and watch our video tutorial to learn how our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program) works.   After submitting the following form, one of our team members will contact you by phone within 2 days to complete the onboarding! 

Delivery Day Preference* (more info)

(Corvallis and Portland must choose Saturday)

Subscription Plan* (more info)

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The Forager subscription is the base membership level for Full Farm CSA. Perfect for individuals or those looking to enjoy select seasonal and specialty items.

  • Access to products in the Farm Store for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly orders

  • Member only discounts on all products

  • Your choice of FREE Bounty items. When we have an abundant bounty of something, we'll add these as free add-ons to the storefront

  • Weekly newsletter with farm updates, product sales and recipes

  • Member only discounts at farmers markets for Deck Family Farm products



The Grazer is our second tier CSA Membership. Grazers enjoy supporting local farms and get many of their grocery staples through FFCSA, but still buy food from other sources.

All of the Forager perks plus:

  • A free Deck Family Farm tote bag and t-shirt in your first share

  • Two free tickets to annual dinner



The Harvester is our premier tier CSA Membership. Harvesters are committed to buying most of their groceries through FFCSA, spending an average of $125/week on the Farm Store.


All of the Grazer perks plus:

  • One FREE farmer's choice Pick of the Pasture item every month

  • Free home delivery on all orders for members in Corvallis, Junction City, Eugene and Springfield

CSA Dropsite and Delivery Locations and Days

About our Herdshare

We have been milking dairy cows since 2006 and our raw cow milk, butter, sour cream, and cheeses have been a staple of our CSA since we began delivering CSA products in 2017.  The herdshare agreement means that each member owns a portion of a cow, and in turn, Creamy Cow, LLC performs a milking service (see agistment agreeement).   There is a one time $50 charge to purchase a share in the herd. Dividends are in the form of fluid milk delivered to you.  Value added dairy products and bottling are charged a service fee.    Members elect to consume raw milk products under their own understanding and advisement and are educated in all of the risks and benefits of consuming raw milk products.  Creamy Cow, LLC regularly tests milk (records available upon request) and maintains a sanitary facility with modern milking equipment to cool the product.  

Thoughtfully grown, raised and produced products 

All products are grown, raised or crafted within 20 miles of our farm in Junction City with all farmers relying on natural cycles, regenerative practices or certified organic. Over 70% of the products offered on the storefront is from our own farm!


From produce and meat to pasta and cookies, there are plenty of options to make delicious meals all week long. 

  • Do I need to be home for home delivery?
    No! You will receive an automated text from our delivery driver that gives you an estimated delivery time. Just remember that weather conditions (heat, cold, etc.) can affect the items in your CSA tote, so bringing them inside in a timely manner is recommended.
  • How do I pick up my share?
    At all pickup locations, items can be found in the following locations depending on what you ordered: a tote/box with your produce and dry goods a cooler for meat/frozen items a cooler for dairy products Transfer your items from the plastic tote into your own bags. Please do not bring plastic totes home. If your items were packed in a cardboard box, you are welcome to take that home, but please return it the following week. Be sure to collect all items marked on your invoice! Check to ensure if you have more than one tote (or additional items in a cooler).
  • How often do I have to order?
    One of the great things about FFCSA is the flexibility! You are welcome to place orders weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly.
  • What happens if I don’t pick up my CSA order within the time frame?
    Host Home: If you pick up at a host home, we give members 24 hours to arrange an alternate pick up time. If more than 24 hours have passed, all perishable items become the property of the host home, and non perishable items will be kept and placed in the tote of the members next order. PDX Market Dropsite: If pickup is on a Saturday, you will be notified of an alternative Sunday market pickup if available. If there is no Sunday market, your tote will be returned to the farm, and no credit will be given. Farm Pickup: You will be notified within 24 hours of your missed pickup window and you must schedule a new pickup time within 48 hours of original pickup time. This ensures you receive the freshest product.
  • What if I don’t use all of my funds in one month?
    No worries! All unused funds at the end of each month will roll over into the next month.
  • Is there a time commitment to being a member?
    We kindly ask that all members agree to a minimum 6-month commitment.
  • Can I get a refund if I cancel?
    Unfortunately, no refunds are available upon cancellation. If you do choose to end your FFCSA membership, you are welcome to continue placing orders to use up any remaining balance. You are also welcome to donate any remaining funds to our Feed - A - Friend program.
  • What if I miss the order window?
    We know that life can get busy, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate late/missed orders.
  • I’d like raw dairy, but don’t know anything about it. Is it right for me?
    We’d love to chat with you more about raw milk and if it’s the best choice for you! Please give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have! 541-321-0925
  • How do I get my deposit back for milk jars?
    Bottle deposits are collected at the time of purchase for 1/2 gallon sizes of milk only. This is included in the price you pay. When empty, wash it out and return it to your pickup location or home cooler with your last name written on a piece of paper and placed inside with the lid on. We will issue your credit when we receive the bottle back at the farm.
  • Do I have to be a CSA member to order food through Full Farm CSA?
    You don’t! Our storefront is open to anyone that wants to buy delicious local food. You still need to order within our set order windows and pick your preferred delivery or pickup location. Just select the guest checkout option, enter your name and email address, and use a credit/debit card to place your order. With that said, joining as a Full Farm CSA member will save you money as all products in the storefront are discounted for members!
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