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Farmers in a field

Learn to farm
with us!

We provide training in animal husbandry and what it takes to run a successful farming business.
Through intern program we partner with other individuals and families committed to
the principles of strong work ethics, environmental justice
and good business practices.
Our model is an inclusive, family-based business where work and learning are a daily practice.

We have a very strong work ethic


The work is not glamorous or easy, while most work is animal husbandry; feeding, grazing and milking, there will be a lot of cleaning up, mucking out and hauling off. You must be able to lift 50lbs. We are looking for folks interested in all aspects of what it takes to keep a family farm running and this will sometimes mean pitching in well after the work day is done.


The work day generally consists of chores, lunch in the afternoon and then back out on the farm for evening chores. We work a 8.5 hour/day, 5 day work week.  We appreciate flexibility depending on seasonal work load.

We are a family

We often have a full house of visiting family and friends. Being open to the challenges and joys of a busy home is a must. We share most meals and interns participate with family members in meal prep and clean up. Interns have full access to the bathroom, shower and laundry. We ask that folks bathe regularly, change into clean clothes while in the house, and in general to practice good hygiene in respect of all household members.

We love vegetables and try to have them at every meal, however we believe that animals are an intrinsic part of a balanced healthy food system and for this reason we prefer NOT to accommodate strict vegetarian or vegan diets.


The goal of the Deck Family Farm intern and apprentice program is to train the next generation of farmers. The farm hosts 7-10 interns and apprentices year round. The program is immersive, highly diverse, and grounded in community. Interns participate in all aspects of animal husbandry, nutrition, care, sales and marketing, market garden, and community building. Farm management, employees, and intern/apprentices work alongside each other. Lead enterprise managers support the learning experience of the students. Interns are part of the "Farmily", a typical week might consist of working a farmers market, milking cows/goats, making butter, yogurt, or cheese, cracking nuts, slopping out pig stalls, helping to bring in newborn lambs, piglets, and calves into the world, running spreadsheets, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, chopping wood, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and preparing a meal for the community. Opportunities at Deck are only limited by the imagination.

2023-2024 Positions

We currently have 2 positions open!

1 year internships with room, board and stipend. Interns will rotate in at least two enterprises during the first year, usually in one of the following: Pastured Pork, Raw Jersey Dairy, Vegetables market garden, Beef Herd grazing and Management Intensive grazing, Lamb, Pastured Poultry, Marketing. Interns will rotate through as many areas of the farm as possible but personal interest, aptitude and availability plays a key role in placement. Stipend is paid in advance of the month and is meant to cover incidental expenses while in an educational program. Stipend is a total of $10,000 for the year.

Experience or Requirements

No experience required, however must have: a strong work ethic, ability to work long hours,  ability to follow directions, willingness to work on interpersonal and communication skills, Interest in working with a range of cultures and ages, live in community and share community meals. Flexibility, forgiveness and humor!


Accommodations and meals

Intern dorm, cottages, cabins, adobe structures. Kitchen, bathroom and laundry access in the main house.  All food provided, community style meals. Meal prep participation.

2020interncoast trip.JPG

8 Steps to becoming a
Deck Family Farm Intern

Please read through these steps carefully to understand the process of becoming an intern or apprentice. Feel free to call the farm for questions or clarifications. Thank you for your interest in building a new farm economy!

Email: | Phone: 541-998-4697

Step 1

An email or phone call comes in from a prospective intern inquiring about internship potential.

Step 2

The farm sends candidate an Intern Response Letter, Intern Evaluation form and Stipend Breakdown factsheet.

Step 3

Candidate submits the following:

  • Specific dates of interest for the Intern position including request days off.

  • Answers to questions posed in Intern Response letter.

  • Three professional references including dates of association and what your relationship was with the reference.

Step 4

Farm reviews response letter & contacts references.

Step 5

Phone or in person interview with Farm Manager, Farm Lead, &/or Lead Intern.

Step 6

Application goes into Farm management review and decision to make an offer is made.

Step 7

Farm sends applicant an offer with a list of past and current Deck Farm interns for candidate to review.

Step 8

Candidate accepts offer and sets a date for arrival, yay!

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