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Bacon variability - it's a feature!

Have you noticed that along with the fantastic taste and texture of our bacon, our packaging can be inconsistent? That is because unlike large commercial hog farms that can finish tens of thousands of pigs per week, we finish 6-8 per week. 


How does this result in a less consistent product than what you see on grocery store shelves? 


Well, let's take apples as an example: if you have 20,000 apples it's quite easy to make 2000 of them look identical. The product can be standardized by selecting only a certain shape and color of apple.Since we have significantly less volume than larger farms, it is difficult for us to standardize the packages. 

When it comes to food, small-scale, careful raising of animals is a GOOD thing. Our food comes from a real living animal whose life we treat with respect and not simply as a unit of production.    

So the next time you see your package of bacon and think "Hmmm, this does not look like my last package," celebrate that the food coming from small farms means that our food supply is diverse, resilient and sustainable.

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