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Ordering and Dropsite Basics

Updated: Jun 27

It takes a lot to coordinate CSA fulfillment! Here are tips to make it all run smoothly.


Delivery/pickup orders are fulfilled twice each week, so there are two windows during which you can place your order:

Tuesday Fulfillment: 

Order between 10am Friday and 11:59pm Sunday

Friday/Saturday Fulfillment: 

Order between 10am Monday and 11:59pm Wednesday

Confirmation Email!

After you place your order look for the confirmation email! This will ensure your order got to us and contains all the information about where your pickup is located and when your food will arrive. 

Picking up Your Order at Drop Sites

1. Go to the site with your bag during pickup hours. Bring the emailed list of what you ordered. Consult your confirmation email for hours and location and special instructions.

2. Produce, dry goods and canned goods are in totes.

3. Meats are in meat coolers.

4. Dairy is in the dairy coolers

5. Double check that you are collecting only items with your name on them.

6. Check your items against your order confirmation so you don't leave anything behind.

7. Leave the site neat and tidy: Stack your empty tote with the other empty totes.

8. Missing item? Text/call (541) 321-0925 or email


Coolers lined up for travel; Mohammed packing the meat for the weekend markets and CSA orders; Chuy helping pack the meat orders; and Rebecca moving the produce and dry goods totes toward the truck.

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