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Membership Bonuses

Updated: Jun 27

Did you know that the Grazer and Harvester level subscriptions come with some valuable bonuses? If you regularly find yourself spending more than your monthly basic subscription rate ($200), consider bumping up a level. 


All members already count on receiving member discounts in the CSA store and at farmers markets as well as extra bounty when our farm produces more than we can handle. For instance, when we had to cancel our deliveries during the ice storm, the chickens did not stop laying! We gave away many free eggs to help unburden our shelves and share the wealth. 


The The Grazer subscription is $300/month and comes with a free Deck Family Farm t-shirt and tote bag and two free tickets ($120 value) to the annual on-farm dinner we host each fall. 


The Harvester subscription is $500/month and gets all those bonuses plus a free Pick of the Pasture item per month and free weekly delivery of your box within Corvallis, Junction City, Eugene and Springfield.


Also available for purchase: the cute hat worn by a recent calf! Awww! 


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