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Meet-a-Student: Summer Spell

We were joined this fall by 24 y.o. Summer Spell from Seaside, Oregon. 

Summer recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Southern California where she earned a degree in Global Studies. While in college she studied abroad in Uganda and loved it so much that she arranged a post graduation internship with an organization helping elderly subsistence farmers. 

Summer’s interest in the internship was in interviewing the elders about what they have seen of climate change during their lifetimes. It was a rewarding project and she is hoping to turn the information into a book.

While away in Africa, Summer said she became homesick for Oregon and started working on her next plan. 

“I remember it was 3:00 am and I was in Uganda and I wanted to be doing something else so I googled farming internships in Oregon. Deck Family Farm sounded perfect!” she said. 

Summer says she most enjoys working outside with her hands and body, and being part of a community working to heal the planet. It is easy to tell that she loves the animals (puppies, in particular!) as well as contributing to the business side of farming. We are glad to have her with us!


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