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Educating consumers about better food

Updated: Jun 19

We have gotten to know Derek Rochna of FarmFedFit, a Portland-based personal trainer who advocates for healthier food.

He has made nine videos about his visit to Deck Family Farm. The videos are full of commentary about how animals should be raised in order to benefit everyone: the animals, the people and the land.

In the food-coaching side of his business, Derek helps people discover how to eat more healthfully in simple and clear language and supportive coaching. He shows what to avoid, how to differentiate between options in our food supply, and why it may be worth it to pay a little more for high-quality food.

His thoughtful videos show beautiful footage of our cattle, pigs and chickens living on pasture, drone footage of the farm and an interview with John Deck. Check out his stories on Instagram @FarmFedFit.


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