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All about Barrett Baking's Sourdough Bread

Updated: Jun 28

Here’s some detailed information about the bread, baking process, equipment, etc…

Nancy Barrett's sourdough is 100% organic. All flour is grown in the Pacific Northwest and milled at Camas Country Mill in Eugene. The starter is fed with 100% organic rye flour.

There are 4 different flours in the recipe: 

  • Organic Rye

  • Organic Spelt 

  • Organic Multi-Purpose 

  • Organic Bread Flour (Sifted Hard Red Wheat)

The dough is made about 48 hours in advance of baking. It then ferments for at least 24-36 hours in the fridge before starting the warmer part of the bulk fermentation phase. The warm phase can take anywhere from 5-12 hours depending on temperature, humidity, and a variety of other factors.

So, in total, the loaves ferment for about 48 hours before baking.

Each loaf is divided and shaped by hand before being placed into a rye-sprinkled banneton proofing basket (which makes the pretty spiral shape you see on the loaves) for its final rise. I use organic corn meal on the bottom of the loaves to keep them from sticking to the wooden bread peel or baking stone, and then I place them in the oven for baking. The oven I use is a Chandley Pico Plus model that has built-in steam injection with a ceramic baking stone and dual top and bottom temperature settings. 

Thanks for reading and please contact me if you have any questions or comments! I love talking about bread!


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