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Can you help us find land so we can continue to feed our community?

Currently, and partially due to our many conservation practices the farm lacks sufficient graze ground to keep up with market demand. At Deck Family Farm we strive to build reasonable efficiencies and economies of scale for financial resiliency while acknowledging that the lives of the animals we raise and the people we feed are all sacred.

Deck Family Farm practices regenerative agriculture improving soil through nutrient management systems of assessing soil needs, applying composted manures, ash, and lime.  


We employ a 7 year rotation to graze, renovate and restore pastures. Over the last 20 years the farm has put 1 mile plus of riparian corridors into the Creek Restoration & Enhancement Program (CREP), performed 5 Environment Quality Incentive Programs (EQUIP) projects to sequester and compost manure on farm, and planted over 100,000 trees through the Forest Trust Program.  All forage produced on farm is certified Organic with Oregon Tilth, maintains a humane handling certification with GAP, Good Animal Practices and, is American Grassfed Certified by AGA. 

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