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Farm Dogs

We have beautiful dogs on the farm who help us to keep track of animals and offer companionship around the farmhouse. A few times per year we have a guardian dog litter or retriever litter available.

Available Now:


We have a new litter of puppies!

Litter born 5/9/2024, available to leave: 6/27/2024

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Livestock Guardians

Our guardian dogs are a Pyrenees-dominant cross bred with our Golden Retriever male.  


Varshava and Yulia are pure-bread, ACK-registered Golden Retrievers. Varshava is the cream color and Yulia is a light golden color. 

English Cream Retrievers

Our male, Varshava, is a light colored AKC-registered Golden Retriever, also known as an English Cream Retriever.

Golden Retrievers!
Litter born 5/9/2024
available 6/27/2024

Yulia (warm golden) and Varshava (cream-colored) 

are AKC registered Golden Retrievers.


Varshava has been tested and has shown to be clear from over 200 genetic markers for diseases including eye, hips, and MS (Muscular Dystrophy). 

Pups expected to be 60-80lbs and will be AKC registered. 

$1200 each.

Three female and one male.

Will be vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus (unless otherwise requested). 


Varshava & Yulia



Previous Litter

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